” I can feel how it is deeply healing ; subtle, respectful and sensitive , it works slowly but surely on the deep tissues , the body-mind, to bring wholeness back” . Maya, Barcelona

Through a non – invasive , gentle listening touch of hands, Julie offers a space to help body reconnect to its natural healing forces.

By tuning into the body’s natural rhythmic motions change and insight occur , freeing up energy and health, where life force is held or diminished from events long past.

Realigning body on all levels: mental, emotional and physical.

Biodynamic cranio sacral therapy orients to the central concept of Health and potential . Through a light touch of hands , the therapist allows the body to naturally express. Dissolving beliefs held in the body , whether that be of long past illness, emotional trauma, operations or accidents. Freeing the clients system up from these , at the bodies own pace and timing.

Addressing issues such as digestion problems , migraine, insomnia, injury and post operative care to depression, stress, anxiety and trauma. This treatment supports our body in reclaiming its inherent health, potency and vitality.

Clients report feeling more deeply connected to themselves and to their body. This heart centred therapy has the potential to help redirect and transform our lives.

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