About Julie Tucker

I am a qualified  biodynamic cranio sacral therapy graduating from The Karuna Institute, Devon , UK  – Karuna, meaning Compassion. Taught by the leading pioneer of this work , Franklyn Sills, with Cherionna Menzam Sills.

My inspiration to become a biodynamic cranio sacral therapist emerged naturally from my years of meditation and yoga practice , from where a deeper listening to body revealed to me a wisdom of movement and aliveness beyond mechanics.

The honour and gift also of having worked in Thailand as a thai massage therapist learning through a deep listening of heart and hands , at the Wat Pho Massage school over a couple of years whilst living in Bangkok. Offered to me the gift of being in a deep listening , where body responded by opening , softening and deepening into its natural rhythm of health. Seeking stillness and aliveness, alongside my many long stints living in wild nature in South America or simply walking the South Downs , Sussex , UK.

Returning to the UK and qualifying as a yoga teacher in my yoga teaching I became more and more intrigued by the continuing discovery of deep and subtle rhythms where I noticed through intelligent contact of hands to guide students in posture, healing and change occurred.

A deep listening to the Intelligence of the body revealing the inherent health and vitality of body which is a force for renewal, wellness and strength to students. In biodynamics this Intelligence being the ‘ breath of life’ or primary respiration.

I have now been practising for 3 years since qualifying , including offering distant cranio sacral sessions. https://julietuckercraniosacraltherapy.com/online/

I’ll also bring my background as a Continuum practitioner working with Cherionna Menzam-Sills https://www.birthingyourlife.org
and my years of meditation practice in Vipassana/ Insight meditation  and in Deep Rest Meditation with Gemma Polo and  Jaya Ashmore https://www.jayaashmore.org –


“I love Julie’s treatments. She has a beautiful way of listening to me and holding a space that truly invites me to listen to my body. This space creates a receptive nature where it seems my body is able to open and unblock itself. A treatment with Julie is a moment to be completely present and allow healing to unfold. Highly recommend!!! ”

Alesha Prosperini Carmela , Garraf , Barcelona 

” I am astonished that something so gentle is having such a big impact!”

Fem, Barcelona

Después de varios diagnósticos médicos indicando problemas de fertilidad opté por probar masaje sacrocraneal.  Antes de un mes estaba embarazada.  Puede ser casualidad pero lo cierto es que sucedió durante la terapia de los masajes.” Eva , Barcelona 

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