What is Cranio Sacral Therapy ?

I very much like the way this work draws my attention to places and ways I feel good, healthy places which can then infuse and inform the rest of me … reminding me that I always have a base. And using my own vitality as the source of health”

Maya , Sitges

In Julie’s sessions her hands deliver the softest magic to the body and with gentle inquiry in very specific moments, she helps to invite the body to breathe from a more peaceful and deeper place.

Lesya , Sitges

What is Biodynamic Cranio Sacral Therapy ?

Cranio sacral Biodynamics has emerged from oesteopathy at the turn of the last century.  It was discovered that the sutures in the cranium expressed their natural health through their inherent design for movement.

This exploration lead pioneer of the work Dr William Garner Sutherland to an emphasis upon what he called “the potency of the Breath of Life”,  the underlying forces organising our mind-body system.

Honouring a remembering of the inherent forces that organise us and support life. Beyond a mechanical view of the body.

More recently pioneer in this field Franklyn Sills has offered further clarification on looking at the forces that shape us as embryos and throughout life.

As yoga practitioner and meditator, this inherent movement and intelligence of the body , starting from the spine constantly shows me the bodies constant orientation to the clarifying , renewing natural health and aliveness of movement that is already here, already us, already presence.

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