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I was  39 weeks pregnant and was looking for a relaxing therapy to help me ease into labour, whenever the baby would be ready.  I reached out to Julie and she came to my home for a cranio sacral therapy session, on my due date.

We had a wonderfully relaxing session- quite different from what I expected  . Not only her hands worked wonders on specific parts of my body, but we also worked on emotions and intentions – this helped reduce my fears around birthing.

As a result , I was very calm , ready for whatever my baby decided to do in terms of coming into this world .  Labour started early the following morning, I was extremely calm and baby came quickly and naturally , without any medical intervention.  I’m sure Julie’s session helped us both in making the overall experience intense and unforgettable.

Thanks Julie for your wonderful work”   Bea, from Sitges

Biodynamic Cranio Sacral Therapy & pre & peri natal somatic psychology to support babies and mums through the journey of conception, pregnancy, birth and beyond. A deeply nourishing space for both mum and baby.

These sessions help to support healthy bonding & attachment, breastfeeding & sleep.

A therapy that can resolve issues arising from events, such as medical interventions and interruptions that create trauma and imprints in the baby’s developing system , affecting baby, mum and the family field.

I work with mums and children at any point of their lives to meet and heal pre & peri natal imprints.

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